Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Left to right: CSIH Board Co-Chair Shawna O'Hearn, Dr. Noni MacDonald, Dr. Robert Bartolucci

Every year, CSIH presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to one of its exceptional members. A full list of Past Lifetime Achievement Award winners is published here

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2019 award was presented to Dr. Noni MacDonald at the 25th Canadian Conference on Global Health.

Dr. Noni MacDonald has demonstrated incredible leadership and a deep commitment to improving health for children in Canada and internationally, over the span of 37 years. Dr. MacDonald’s major areas of interest include vaccine research and use, and building research capacity in Africa.

She was the first female Dean of Medicine in Canada (Dalhousie 1999), the driving force behind the founding of the first Canadian paediatric journal in 1996 (Paediatrics & Child Health), and the journal’s first editor. She chairs the SAGE working group on the “Decade of Vaccine”  -Global Vaccine Action Plan Assessment, tasked with developping the next decade 2021-2030 Global Vaccine Action Plan for presentation to the World Health Assembly in 2020. 

Dr. MacDonald has also collaborated on a program called “MicroResearch” ( ), modelled on microfinance principles, to train local health professionals in Uganda to identify and solve community health problems. The program has been adapted for use in Nova Scotia.