Canadian Women in Global Health (#CWIGH)

Canadian Women in Global Health (#CWIGH)

Canada has established itself as a leader in global health, championing the health needs and rights of the world’s most marginalized populations. The fact that women have been at the forefront of these efforts remains overlooked.

Globally, women comprise 70% of the health workforce, but hold less than 25% of leadership roles.

Canadian Women in Global Health (#CWIGH) is a network of women and allies from across the country, spanning all ages, genders, backgrounds, and areas of expertise, mobilizing for improved visibility, representation, and leadership of women in global health.

Canadian Women in Global Health:

  • amplifies the research, scientific, programming, and policy innovations led by women experts in global health;
  • raises the profile of Canadian women leaders through relevant events and conferences in Canada and abroad;
  • helps diversify the production and translation of knowledge;
  • contributes to the quality, equity, and impact of Canadian science and policy on global health;
  • creates a platform for women active in global health to share their unique experiences and knowledge, to promote professional development, and to realize full leadership potential.

Canadian Women in Global Health List

Inspired by similar country initiatives recognizing the contributions of women in global health, and informed by a widely distributed Call for Nominations, CSIH, Jocalyn Clark of The Lancet, Sarah Lawley of the Office of International Affairs - Public Health Agency of Canada, and partners across the country developed and launched the first Canadian Women in Global Health List. The List features 100+ Canadian women experts engaged across the spectrum of global health at home and abroad – from research and academia, to civil society and non-governmental organizations, to government. Consult the 2018 List here. 

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