Deb Lester is a clinician with an MBA in Healthcare Administration and has worked and lived globally for 30 years specializing in international development, RMNCH & gender equality.  In Public Health, Deb has spent years with frontline staff, strengthening health systems in community & facility settings, collaborating with government, universities & like-minded partners.   Deb has worked with international NGOs from inception to senior leadership, including the CEO.  Deb knows firsthand there are many pieces of the puzzle to bring a program to scale & sustainability, healthcare technology for LMICs being one. Deb is an advocate for Nursing Now, ensuring that Nurses & Midwives are recognized as core to health systems at every level. Deb's most recent position before returning home to Canada was the Associate Chief/Senior Director for a Children's Hospital. Currently, she is a Consultant in International Development. Deb is a member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

Governance & Administration,
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity,
Community Health