My MentorNet experience

My MentorNet experience
October 27, 2016
Young women exchanging

In our “rate-your-experience” digital world, it’s great to read the feedback of  some of the students and young professionals who have participated in the program.

Dilani Logan

As a young professional beginning my career within this diverse and expansive field, the opportunity to connect directly with my mentor has enabled me to better understand, reflect and articulate my thoughts on a wide range of global health issues. Furthermore, the Mentor Net program provides incredible opportunities to connect with other students and young professionals in global health from around the world.

Jillian Kowalchuk

My CSIH MentorNet experience was essential to my early career development and success. There were many important milestones my mentor and the MentorNet team accompanied me through, including a research internship in Uganda, my MSc graduation and supporting me to set up in the UK-market. The MentorNet program provided me with the opportunity to keep up-to-date on important global health trends, connect with exceptional SYPs, build a tailored set of skills through modules and have an ongoing one-on-one with a senior public health professional. As a result of this, I was able to learn from their experiences, share my own and seek advice at a crucial junction in my career. I would strongly recommend students and young professionals to participate in this unique opportunity to grow, learn and connect to make global public health a smaller and more collaborative space.