Joint CCGHR-CSIH Statement and Call to Action

Joint CCGHR-CSIH Statement and Call to Action
September 21, 2020

Canadian Society for International Health

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing gaps in access to health, and has disproportionately impacted already-marginalized groups, like those already at risk from neglected tropical diseases.

CSIH and the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research have issued a joint statement calling upon governments, including the Government of Canada, to take steps to ensure equitable access globally to COVID-19 vaccines. The statement titled “Defeating COVID-19 calls for global solidarity, not a vaccine power play” has been reviewed, endorsed, and signed by 123 leaders in global health from across Canada, including researchers, distinguished scholars, graduate students, health professionals, and non-governmental organizations.

We stand squarely behind WHO and partners and support global solidarity to end the COVID-19 crisis. We call on Canada to:

  • Increase its COVAX contributions commensurate to its advance purchase agreements;
  • Lobby other countries entering into such agreements to do the same; and
  • Urge all WHO member states to join the COVAX initiative.

We need to think and act globally.