February 17, 2021

Canadian Society for International Health


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the daily life of Canadians and many across the globe. CSIH would like to recognize the tremendous work being done by all health professionals, health services support staff, and essential workers in keeping our communities safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.

The current health crisis brings into sharper focus the issues that our global health community already engages  in:  

  • Recognizing that women are  on the frontlines of the crisis, and that more women should be included in global health decision-making processes and public discourse;
  • Understanding health systems as foundational to protecting human life, and the importance of health systems strengthening activities in mitigating adverse health consequences;
  • Ensuring that everyone, everywhere – especially most vulnerable populations – have timely access to vaccines and quality health care.

We are committed to doing our part to stem this pandemic and we urge everyone to do their part in these challenging times. We continue to heed the advice of our government health experts and encourage others to do the same. CSIH staff will strive to maintain ongoing programming while adhering to safe work practices such as working remotely and practicing physical distancing. We recognize that this is a critical time for knowledge exchange and sharing the wealth of experiences and expertise from our community. While our programming is ongoing, we will continue to evaluate the format and timing of our events and advise our members, partners, and stakeholders of any changes that are needed to keep us all safe. 

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