Young African mother

Ayah Nayfeh and Montasser Kamal

3 novembre 2016

The world is currently home to the largest number of youth (aged 10 to 24) to have ever reached reproductive age in history.

Christina Zarowsky

1 novembre 2016

Life, death, power and politics

Young women exchanging
27 octobre 2016

Dans un monde numérique où tout peut être évaluer en ligne, nous sommes heureux de pouvoir présenter les commentaires de quelques EYP qui ont participé dans le programme de MentorNet. 

Eva Slawecki, Executive Director, CSIH

27 septembre 2016

I felt honoured, perhaps slightly overwhelmed, to join the crowd of participants at the Global Fund Replenishment Conference in Montreal.

Hon Jane Philpott launches WHD 2016
30 août 2016

The 2016 WHD campaign in Canada was launched at an inaugural Parliamentary Breakfast, co-hosted by the Honorable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health.