Allison Soprovich

15 novembre 2017

I was a CSIH intern in 2006-2007, based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I worked for the Ethiopian Nurses Association (ENA) – partner of Canadian Nurses Association – and got only a glimpse of nursing and nursing education in Ethiopia.

Kate Dickson at opening of CCGH

Kate Dickson

7 novembre 2017

My involvement with CSIH has been as varied as my professional experiences. Between the 1990s and 2006, I lived abroad as a diplomatic spouse and health and development professional. Wherever possible, I linked professionally and personally with CSIH.

Serbian folk dance

Orvill Adams

3 novembre 2017

CSIH has contributed to the strengthening of health systems in many countries and to the building of capacity of health professionals and the communities they serve.

Forty significant years have been completed and there will be a continuing need for CSIH forty years from now.

Waiting in line

Kathleen Murphy, University of Toronto

2 novembre 2017

Amidst a pandemic of chronic economic insecurity, basic income might just be the cure, according to speakers at the session entitled “Can Income be a Cure?” at the Canadian Conference for Global Health.

Sherald Sanchez

2 novembre 2017

“Let’s stop the quick fixes,” said Dr.