Getting into the action with CSIH

Getting into the action with CSIH
3 novembre 2017

Orvill Adams

Serbian folk dance

CSIH has contributed to the strengthening of health systems in many countries and to the building of capacity of health professionals and the communities they serve.

Forty significant years have been completed and there will be a continuing need for CSIH forty years from now.

I know this because I have been involved in CSIH projects in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina and in Kazakhstan. In these projects, I have worked with talented local and international teams that have shown dedication to the objectives, and the ability to be flexible to learn and adapt to local conditions.

The projects have provided me with a greater understanding of the links between health policy implementation and the management of change. I also learned the importance of engagement with stakeholders in understanding the human aspects of health systems and getting buy-in for change.

My most memorable occasions occurred during the hosting of the capacity development exercises at each of the pilot sites in Serbia. Each site demonstrated great hospitality and support for each other, and long term friendships were formed.

I also learned regional dances…