PHC Study Nigeria

Nigeria Primary Health Care Study in Four States
The Conference was one of the best scientific gatherings I have attended. The approach to the topics were scientific but realistic, addressing challenges that development workers face on the field in clear and simple terms. What was most exciting was the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from both Canada and other LMICs, who are passionate about helping others. 2017 delegate
2006 - 2008
National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH)
World Bank
EPOS Health Consultants (Germany) and CHESTRAD (Nigeria)

The main purpose of the study was to develop a better understanding of:

  1. The performance of PHC facilities and personnel and variables driving this performance
  2. The flows of public resources to these facilities and whether there are resource leakages in the system; and
  3. The roles of the States and LGAs in determining outcomes in primary health care service delivery. 

This study provided information for developing strategies to improve health workers performance for an effective and efficient health service delivery system. The study was based on extensive survey work at the level of primary health care facilities, and Local and State Governments. The data collected through these surveys was analyzed using different statistical methodologies and the results compiled into a report analyzing Primary Health Care delivery in four states in Nigeria, with policy options to improve its performance.

The study took place in Lagos, Bauchi, Kaduna and Cross River States.