HIP South Caucasus

South Caucasus Health Information Project 
The Conference was one of the best scientific gatherings I have attended. The approach to the topics were scientific but realistic, addressing challenges that development workers face on the field in clear and simple terms. What was most exciting was the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from both Canada and other LMICs, who are passionate about helping others. 2017 delegate
1999 - 2005
Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia
Ministries of Health in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Through comprehensive training activities, the Project team enhanced the capacity of stakeholders to use health information for better decision-making in health and other sectors, while identifying gender-specific health issues.  CSIH also worked closely with the medical universities and post-graduate training institutions in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to integrate key concepts of health information into existing educational programs. This provided physicians and other health professionals with an understanding of the role of data and health information for clinical decision support as well as a general understanding of the role of health information for hospital governance, policy-making, and health planning. Another key component of the South Caucasus Health Information Project was the design and implementation of demonstration projects to support training and to put lessons learned into practice.