Balkans Youth and Health
The Conference was one of the best scientific gatherings I have attended. The approach to the topics were scientific but realistic, addressing challenges that development workers face on the field in clear and simple terms. What was most exciting was the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from both Canada and other LMICs, who are passionate about helping others. 2017 delegate
2005 - 2009
Serbia; Bosnia and Herzegovina
Government of Serbia; Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina
World University Services Canada

CSIH worked with ministries of health, public health institutions, and youth NGOs to strengthen health policy and programs at the national, regional, and local levels in the two countries. The project aimed to improve the capacity of these organizations working in the primary health care sector to develop and implement effective and efficient gender-sensitive, youth-oriented policies, programs, and services. Moreover, the project worked to harmonize the delivery of services among public health institutions, health providers, and youth groups. BYHP tackled these issues by supporting the development of youth-oriented models and initiatives of primary health care to increase access to health counseling, diagnosis, treatment, and education for young people, thus promoting healthy lifestyle choices for youth in Serbia and BiH.