Health Equity Reform Philippines

Strengthening Local Capacity for Health Equity Reform in the Philippines
The Conference was one of the best scientific gatherings I have attended. The approach to the topics were scientific but realistic, addressing challenges that development workers face on the field in clear and simple terms. What was most exciting was the opportunity to interact with like-minded people from both Canada and other LMICs, who are passionate about helping others. 2017 delegate
2003 - 2005
Canadian International Development Agency

The Project contributed to strengthened capacity for resource allocation decision-making for equitable health services planning and delivery within the country’s Health Sector Reform Agenda (HSRA).  As a result of this project, the barangay, municipal and inter-local health zone levels of government in Capiz province developed institutional and individual capacity and the political will to apply concepts of equity and population health to resource allocation decision-making.  Planners in the project pilot sites are now able to critically analyze and use relevant data to identify and determine priority health interventions reflective of the community’s actual needs and preferences.