SDG Community of Practice

SDG Community of Practice

CSIH is establishing a Community of Practice, designed to work with national and international networks towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with a focus on improving health outcomes globally.

As an ‘open space’ in terms of both contribution and access to knowledge, our SDG Community of Practice aims at gathering people actively involved in research, policy and practice connected to the health-related SDGs and targets. This is a space to:

  1. Share and co-produce knowledge
  2. Access new theoretical, operational or empirical developments in global knowledge
  3. Develop your skills
  4. Develop your network to include different knowledge holders in this domain
  5. Gain visibility

We invite academics, practitioners, students, and decision-makers to join us on a single platform to share knowledge and engage in effective partnerships.

If you want to join this group or have more information, please contact Sameera Hussain by email.