WHD Sponsors

WHD Sponsors

The Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) gratefully acknowledges the companies and businesses which contribute to the World Hepatitis Day Campaign Canada 2017. If your organization is interested in sponsoring, please send an email to edamian@csih.org


National WHD 2017 Campaign Supporters


Ottawa WHD 2017 Supporters



Ottawa WHD raffle prizes were provided by:

  1. Escape Manor 
  2. FunHaven 
  3. Venus Envy 
  4. House of Targ
  5. The Keg 
  6. Squish Candy 
  7. The Ink Spot 
  8. Whole Foods 
  9. Astanga Yoga Ottawa 
  10. Free World Tattoo 
  11. Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group 
  12. Mayfair Theatre 
  13. Irene’s Pub 
  14. BeaverTails 
  15. Michael’s 
  16. Bloomfields Flowers