Canadian Women in Global Health

Canadian Women in Global Health

Canada has established itself as a leader in advocating for the health and rights of women and girls around the world, but the fact that many of these achievements have been led by women remains overlooked.

Inspired by a broader global movement to recognize the achievements and expertise of women in global health, CSIH, Jocalyn Clark of The Lancet, representatives at Global Affairs Canada and the Office of International Affairs - Public Health Agency of Canada, and academic partners across Canada developed and launched the first Canadian Women in Global Health List in 2018.

Canadian Women in Global Health, or CWIGH, has raised the profile of Canadian women making an impact in the field, created dialogue with colleagues internationally to advance women’s leadership in global health, and sparked national discussion on the persistent gender equality gaps in global health leadership. The 2018 Canadian Women in Global Health List highlights the contribution of more than 100 Canadian women leaders working across the spectrum in global health – women working in academia and research, civil society and non-governmental organizations, and government. Consult the list here.

Beyond the List, CSIH has been engaging the Canadian global health community around the women in global health movement at various events organized across the country. 

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