Laura Madeleine Sie

October 5, 2017

I wanted to be an astronaut. It was my lifelong career ambition.

Baby boomers

Ecaterina Perean Damian, MPH MA

July 26, 2017

This week, on July 28, countries around the world will mark World Hepatitis Day by calling for increased access to hepatitis testing, prevention and treatment.

July 8, 2017

Viral hepatitis C is a serious liver disease that is spread through blood contact, and may lead to liver failure, cancer, cirrhosis and death, if left untreated. Some 300,000 Canadians are infected with the disease, and about half of them are unaware they are carrying it. Who are they?

Geneviève Dubois-Flynn, PhD

June 6, 2017

As advocated by Solomon Benatar, in the context of global health, ethics needs to include considerations of inequities in health and capacity, and of the social, economic, and political conditions where research is being conducted.

Deal with it: Untold Stories of Hepatitis C in Canada
January 24, 2017

The documentary film “Deal with it” exposes the state of Canada’s Hepatitis C epidemic, one of the most pressing but least discussed health concerns facing the country today.