Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C
Medical education

CSIH is the secretariat for the Global Hepatitis C Network in Canada (Hep C Network), supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The Hep C Network provides a virtual meeting place and information exchange hub where the hepatitis C community in Canada can find information, share knowledge, and collaborate with the goal of improving the effectiveness of the Canadian and global responses to the pandemic. CSIH also coordinates the World Hepatitis Day campaign in Canada every year, bringing interested partners together to raise awareness and promote testing and treatment among the Canadian public.

The Hep C community includes organizations delivering hepatitis C virus (HCV), HIV and hepatitis B programs, including NGOs, public health agencies, academic institutions, and medical institutions, as well as people infected with, affected by, at risk of, or vulnerable to contracting HCV.

The Network focuses on three key areas: research and surveillance, prevention, and diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about the Hep C Network, contact Ecaterina Damian at edamian@csih.org.