Member Space

Member Space
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CSIH relies on the contribution and participation of its members and partners in many ways, including nominating board members and award winners, participating in consultations, drafting opinion pieces and sharing the activities and learnings of Canadian organizations involved in global health. This is the space where you will find opportunities to get involved.

Call for Proposals for Position Statements

As a facilitator of knowledge sharing in the field of global health, CSIH is calling for position statements on issues that affect the health of people in Canada and around the world. A position statement is a stand-alone declaration that explains, justifies or recommends a particular stance on an issue. It sends a public signal that CSIH is aware of/has concerns about the issue and sets the stage for addressing it.

If you would like to develop a position statement, please follow the guidelines outlined here and submit a proposal before April 30, 2017 to CSIH at:

For more information about CSIH position statements, click here.