K2A Upcoming Events

K2A Upcoming Events

Not Without Us! (NWU) 

February 6-8, 2019
Halifax, NS
Funders:  CAHR, CSIH, REACH2.0/Universities Without Walls 

A Learning Institute for and by Peer Researchers working on Intervention Research and CBR on HIV, Hep C and STBBIs. CAHR, CSIH and UWW will partner to deliver a Peer Researcher Learning Institute workshop to support mid-career investigators, post-doctoral students, and community scholars who are planning to hire “peers” for one or all phases of an intervention research study. Peers are defined here as people living with the chronic condition such as HIV, Hep C, and other STBBI.

CBR for Saskatchewanians: getting to peoples’ participation

May 8, 2019, as an ancillary to CAHR 2019, Saskatoon, SK
May 9-12, 2019,  TCU Place Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK 
Funders:  CAHR, CSIH, CIHR, REACH2.0/Universities Without Walls, Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-oriented Research (SCPOR)

Learning objectives
By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the epidemiological, socio-behavioural and health promotion trends regarding STBBIs, Hep C and HIV in Saskatchewan (e.g., numbers, priority populations, public health current initiatives, etc.)
  2. Describe the HIV-related research panorama in Saskatchewan (all in all tracks) by highlighting successful studies, projects (e.g., large and small-scale interventions)
  3. Describe indigenous and indigenous-related elements, studies, programs, and services related to STBBIs, Hep C and HIV in Saskatchewan employing and indigenous framework
  4. Identify points of entry for the workshop participants interested in contributing to existing and emerging research and to identify the kinds of research missing in the province (e.g., KTE, evaluation, implementation, CBR, humanities and arts)
  5. Describe the key tenets of Community-Based Research (CBR) and Program Science (evaluation, implementation and intervention) tools, wise practices, funding opportunities, intended outcomes/impact, and knowledge transfer and exchange (dissemination)
  6. Describe the role of the “patient” in existing and emerging research (e.g., peer researchers, SPOR participants, etc.).
  7. Describe how they intend to apply key contents and skills identified or acquired in this workshop in their current or future peer work, professional and research work, and other contexts.