Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The CCGH is possible with the commitment and collaboration of the following:


  • Jacques Girard, Laval University
  • Wendy Alexander, Health Nexus

Committee members:

  • Fawad Akbari, Aga Khan Foundation Canada
  • Tina-Marie Assi, Grand Challenges Canada
  • Sarah Brown, CSIH
  • Kate Dickson, CSIH Board
  • Yipeng Ge; University of Ottawa - SYP representative & CSIH Board member
  • Janet Hatcher Roberts, University of Ottawa
  • Sameera Hussain, CSIH
  • Djenana Jalovcic, Queen’s University, CSIH Board
  • Alison Krentel, Canadian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Manisha Kulkarni, University of Ottawa
  • Charles Larson, Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research
  • Tahina Rabezanahary, Plan Canada, CSIH Board
  • Eva Slawecki, CSIH Executive Director
  • Salim Sohani, Canadian Red Cross
  • Donald Sutherland, Global Public Health Consultant
  • Jodi Tuck, McGill University