Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award
Duncan Saunders

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2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Every year, CSIH presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to one of its exceptional members. The 2018 award was presented to Duncan Saunders at the Canadian Conference on Global Health in November.

Duncan Saunders' outstanding leadership in global health has been steadily demonstrated by his dedicated professional commitment over a 40-year period (1976-2016), a career that began in South Africa, and continued in Canada for 27 years, with a short transition in the USA. In 1989, Duncan took a position at the University of Alberta where he worked until his retirement in December 2016. As the Global Health Program Director for several years, Duncan built the program such that it now has an established research presence in Uganda, Pakistan, Malawi, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Columbia and Mali. Academic and practical global health themes such as quality of health care, traffic motor vehicle accidents, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and many others, were always tackled through an equity lens. With this vision, Duncan inspired new generations to carry the torch.

His contribution to public policies and knowledge transfer through numerous grants and significant publications also made him an exemplary model in the academic world. Duncan’s strong contribution to Canada also extended beyond the University. He served on the Board of CSIH from 2010 to 2016 as Treasurer, Co-Chair, and Lead Coordinator of the Planning Committee for the 20th and 21st CCGH in 2013 and 2014. We are proud to award the2018 CSIH Lifetime Achievement Award to Duncan, a dedicated scientist, physician and public health expert.

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