Lifetime achievement award

Lifetime achievement award
Dr. Salim Sohani

Every year, CSIH presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to one of its exceptional members. The 2017 award was presented to Dr. Salim Sohani at the Canadian Conference on Global Health in October.

Dr. Sohani has had an exemplary global health career. He has wide geographic, regional and country-specific experience in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia and has become an expert in applying lessons learned to his fieldwork. His skills are now fully applied in his present position as Director of the Canadian Red Cross Global Health Unit.

Dr. Sohani has contributed to the development of multi-million dollar proposals for maternal, newborn, and child health programs, and has provided leadership to health care and health promotion programs in Kenya and Pakistan, thus improving access to health care for tens of thousands of people. Dr. Sohani has also provided notable leadership across several other key global health issues:  immunization, water supply and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, and access to high quality primary health care for vulnerable and marginalized populations. 

He worked at improving health policies in collaboration with the Ministries of Health in Kenya and Haiti during the cholera epidemics, and with the government of Punjab in Pakistan through Minimum Service Delivery Standards for Health.  He continues work in this area as a representative of the Canadian Red Cross in consultations with the federal government of Canada.

Dr. Sohani has made significant contributions to health systems research in global contexts, including an operations research project on home management of malaria in Kenya, and men’s role in women and children’s health in Honduras. He also is the author or co-author of dozens of published articles, which focus on lessons learned and best practice. This truly serves to connect the academic and practitioner sectors and adds valuable knowledge to our global health tool kit. Congratulations to Dr. Salim Sohani!


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