Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jacques Girard

Past Co-chair / Ancien Co-président

Dr. Jacques Girard is presently the Director of Global Health in the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University, where he spearheads the strategic orientations for social responsibility. Dr. Girard has a medical degree from Laval University and a specialization in community medicine. Along with his academic career, he has worked in the field of social and preventive medicine domestically and abroad. He acted on behalf of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) as an international advisor for the development of health systems and health services in Chile and Mexico for more than 6 years. He remains today an international health consultant in Latin America while practising public health in Quebec.

Shawna O’Hearn

Co-chair / Co-présidente

Shawna O’Hearn has extensive experience in the areas of medical education, health policy, health systems strengthening, capacity building and research. She is the Director for the Global Health Office at Dalhousie University where she oversees the design and implementation of global health education programs, health systems strengthening projects in East Africa, and the integration of social accountability into a medical school. Shawna has worked and lived in the West Indies, India, West and East Africa as well as Nunavut. She was co-chair of the Canadian Conference on Global Health in 2014 and 2015.

Kate Dickson

Director / Administratrice

Kate Dickson is an International Public Health Consultant with extensive experience in the areas of health policy and good governance, health systems strengthening and primary health care, health promotion, disease prevention and health management. Since 1975, she has worked in health and development for the United Nations, NGOs and Health Canada in some 20 countries. Her professional experience has focused on maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality reduction, polio eradication, cholera elimination and primary health care in areas affected by natural disasters, economic crisis or conflict. She has served on the CSIH Board of Directors since October 2012.

Aslam Bhatti

Secretary-Treasurer / Secrétaire-Trésorier

Aslam Bhatti has held several senior positions with the Government of Alberta including the Treasury Board, Solicitor General Department, and as Assistant Deputy Minister at Alberta Health. In the not-for-profit sector, he has worked for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Alberta Cancer Board, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and with the School of Public Health, University of Alberta. As a consultant he has done work for the Government of Brunei, the provincial Government of Mpumalanga, South Africa and the Long Term Care Association of Alberta. He has Institute of Corporate Directors of Canada designation and is currently serving with Alberta Community Development to strengthen non profit boards.

Yipeng Ge

Student Representative / Représentant étudiant

Yipeng Ge is a M.D. candidate at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies at McMaster University in Health Sciences, specializing in Global Health. Yipeng has worked for various global health organizations including the World Health Organization Headquarters and Population Health Research Institute. He has also been involved in various student initiatives including, McMaster Indigenous Health Conference, CSIH’s MentorNet Program as a mentee, Canadian Global Health Students and Young Professionals Summit planning committee, and a youth leader representing the AMRO region to the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion.

Geneviève Dubois-Flynn, PhD

Co-chair / Co-présidente

Geneviève Dubois-Flynn is the Manager of Ethics at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). She has a degree in law and an MA and PhD in philosophy. Since joining CIHR in 2002, her work has included research involving indigenous peoples, and children and adolescents. She has also been a member of the University of Ottawa research ethics boards, organized research ethics workshops for the Canadian Bioethics Society and the Canadian Society for International Health, represented Canada at the annual European Commission international dialogues on bioethics, and been a member of the steering committee of the Global Forum on Bioethics in Research.

Susan Elliott

Director / Administratrice

Susan Elliott has taught Geography and Public Health at three Canadian universities. She has published more than 150 articles related to environment and (public) health in Canada and the developing world. She has worked as Director of the Institute of Environment and Health, Senior Research Fellow in the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health, Dean of Social Sciences and Dean of Health Sciences. She is PI for the development of a National Food Allergy Strategy for Canada and the PI of GLOWING – the development of a Global Index of Wellbeing. She is also a Senior Editor for Social Science and Medicine.

Sobia Hafeez

Director / Administratrice

Dr. Sobia Hafeez is presently working as Performance Measurement Officer at Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Ottawa. She has extensive experience in the health domain in both the low and high income countries that she hopes to use in developing future sustainability strategies and evaluation approaches for an evolving global health system. She is a physician with a Master’s degree in Public Health in Developing Countries and is currently doing a post-graduate degree in Public Policy and Program Evaluation from Carleton University. She has managed various Non-Profits/Boards and served successfully as Director/Treasurer on Finance, Fundraising, Grievance Mediation and Board Amalgamation committees.

Chris M. Rosene

Director / Administrateur

Chris Rosene is semi-retired from the Canadian Red Cross, where he was Director of International Development programs, responsible for long-term global health programs. Previously, he was a Program Director for the Canadian Public Health Association, a former Project Director with CSIH (1999-2001) and frequent participant in the CCGH. He has worked both in Canada and overseas, especially in Africa (3 years) and Latin America (12 years), with short missions to Asia and the Caucasus. He has a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University, and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of California.